Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon and collaborate with the two dope, creative minds of ThriftQueened—-a funky-fre$h clothing line movement that alters the way we perceive fashion by reconstructing used materials into something new.
The designs shown are what I have created so far (Black Jesus and baby Blue Ivy), which will hopefully be received positively at Africa Fashion Week this month in Los Angeles. SO STOKED!!!


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Hi Kat! So my name is Cat and I'm from Los Angeles as well! I just wanted to say I love your art and I'm also so obsessed with french fries. Your background reminds me of Nyan Cat and now I really want a hamburger. I just started recently to post some of my own doodles, would love it if you would check it out. I would appreciate know what other people think about it. Keep up the awesome work!!! ^^

Oh hai, Cat! THANK YOU!!! Meow. Let’s be junk food buddies? Your tumblr makes me hungry, I dig it! :3

holy shit your art is amazing! i wish i could get it all on posters and cover my walls with it, seriously!

Awh shucks! Thanks! :3 If you’re for cerealz, then feel free to check out my shop!

More to be added soon! :)

this may come off as impolite, but i couldn't think of any other way to phrase it. how did you work towards the artworks which you have produced? it's really lovely and i aspire to be like you but my art is kind off barely passable to take up art in college. have you been doing art all your life?

Hi!!! Thanks for your kind words! I don’t think your question is impolite at all! :D And yes, I have pretty much been drawing for as long as I can remember! My current method of how I create art has definitely evolved over the years through many trials & errors and by experimenting with different styles. Taking a broad range of art classes certainly helps, but it’s really all about drawing as much as you can every day! For me, personally, nomming on French fries, listening to 80’s synthpop, and watching avant-garde films keep the brain juices flowing, haha. Art is a process and it may take years (or less if you’re awesomesauce) to perfect the style that you are happy to call your own :)

hey oh my goodness thanks for the follow your drawings are so cool ^-^

eeeep! thanks!!! I just stumbled upon your blog earlier this afternoon and I became instantly OBSESSED with your awesome comix :P

Sodding Kids!

Ink & marker on various paper

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Oh, Jesse.

Ink & marker on paper

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Josh in Popcorn Hell

Ink & marker on paper

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Ink & marker on paper

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Ruckusy! oOoOO!

Ink & marker on paper

*this ginger cat warms my heart :)

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Rick Ro$$

Ink & marker on paper

*personally not a fan of Rick Ross at all, but just thought that it’d be fun to do a portrait of him for a friend :P

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Mixed media on paper

*One of my favorite scenes from Harmony Korine’s film, Gummo (1997)

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Tardar Sauce

Ink & marker on construction paper

*the broken A/C in 90+ degree weather brings out the Grumpy Cat in me :>

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Triangle Orgy

Ink & construction paper

*Inspired by: ohaymrdth

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La Guerre (War)

Ink, acrylic, & found paper on repurposed book (Oriana Fallaci’s Nothing, and so be it)

*this was done a while ago in my Art on Paper class —- sorry about the image quality :/

La Guerre (War)

Ink, acrylic, & found paper on repurposed book (Oriana Fallaci’s Nothing, and so be it)

*this was done a while ago in my Art on Paper class —- sorry about the image quality :/

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